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At the end of the day, My job is to give you what you want... 


Here are just a few of the people I've helped along the way and what they have to say.

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After Mike got married he started to notice a few kilos creep onto the scales. He was enjoying a few extra take-aways, a few more beers and working as a food photographer with lots of delicious food in front of him all day didn’t help matters. But when his daughter was born he knew he had to do something about his weight and relationship with food.

When we started working together the first thing we looked at was how to combat the temptation the leftovers provided after a shoot! Our solution? Simple. Have a fool proof food prep plan in place!

The second thing we worked one was maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. This will increase your BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate) and burn more calories throughout the day.


"Since starting 1:1 training with Nathan last summer my whole outlook on health and fitness has changed. All his sessions and meal tracking have helped and encouraged me to keep on track of my goals as well as helping with my technique during the exercises."

“Work’s just too busy... I don't have time to train right now...I have childcare to think about”

Try managing a doctors surgery, overseeing home renovations, taking care of a small child and still trying to dedicate time to train.

This was the position ‘S’ found herself in.
She would spend all day helping others, yet wasn’t looking after herself half as much.
It was time to take back control. She valued herself too much to be unhappy with the body she was in.

It came down to one thing. Priorities.

Working every hour of the day yet still managing this wow transformation.

How did we achieve this?

When ‘S’ came to me looking for guidance and support we initially looked at her diary and both agreed on a few non-negotiable times for her to train 3-4 times a week, in the studio and at home. Making her accountable for her actions.

The next stage was to analyse nutrition and eating habits. It wasn’t terrible but I made a few small changes to serving sizes, prioritising protein and maintaining a calorie deficit for the week.

Refreshing her knowledge about nutrition also meant she could feel confident about meeting up with other mums and friends and not feel guilty about her consumption.

But the one thing I love about this, is the smile it's given her.

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"I have had the pleasure of being trained by Nathan since 2016. Every session is challenging, fun and tailored to my needs, no session is ever the same. This is what makes training with Nathan great and it shows how much thought and effort he goes through to plan our sessions. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and pushes me to continue to test myself. It's reassuring to have the big man at your side when lifting some heavyweights - because he's always got your back! His nutrition guidance is spot on and suited to your lifestyle and choices. Highly recommended!"

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Nitin is a busy man. He often finds himself flying all over Europe for business. Meeting after meeting. Dinner after dinner. These dinners are essential to closing deals but hindering the results he was after. We tried a few different strategies, some didn’t work. That’s ok. Not everything works first time! But then we found a solution.

We set guidelines for eating out, not only while he was away but for at home too. We would limit his calorie intake without making everyone else around the table think he was dieting. Instead of three courses, we would have two max. Swapping out calorie heavy beer or wine for a G&T meant he could still ejoy a drink without compromising on his waistline.
We’ve cut his calories in half, and he’s still been able to get deals over the line. Everyone wins!

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When Ella first came to me, she was living her best life at the weekend and working an office job during the week, eating lunch out at the local food outlet, and snacking to get through the afternoon.

Sound familiar?

We looked at the bigger picture and her weekly overall calorie target. We set a realistic target for Friday and Saturday that meant Ella could still live her best life and then use what we had leftover Sunday-Thursday. 

Ella achieved the best of both worlds whilst still being in a calorie deficit. Her goals were achieved all whilst still doing what she enjoyed! 

Over time, through education on nutrition and embedding good habits we achieved an amazing 10.5kg weight loss and set Ella up for life,

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Need more...

I've been working with Nathan for 6 months now. We started working together in September 2018 with goals to deliver by the end of the year. Not only were goals delivered, they were comfortably exceeded. In addition to increased progress velocity, I have far fewer strains and other injuries than when I was working on my own. I look forward to my sessions with Nathan, and I push harder than I do in my gym at home. Highly recommended.

-paul n

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