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Would online coaching be suitable for a beginner?

Yes. All the exercises in your plan come with explanation videos that show you how to perform them correctly and safely. I'm always on hand to give you the support you need to succeed in the form of video, voice note, or text.

I Travel a lot for work, will I still make progress?

Yes. Your plan can be adjusted to work anywhere in the world, whether it be in a hotel gym or hotel room or even a beach if you're that lucky.

I've never tracked calories before, how does it work?

I've created a video that explains how to set up and use myfitnesspal. It's easy when you get into the swing of things.

Do you work with people who have specific dietary requirements?

Yes. Over the years I have worked with many different dietary requirements. We always find a way to make it workand achive results.

do I have to give up all my favourite food?

No. I'm a strong believer in moderation and IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) methodology. It's not what you're eating but how much you're eating. We'll work together to find a way to keep your favourite foods in your plan.


How do you price your service?

To give a high level of service I can only help 'X' amount of clients at one time. My pricing is in line with competitive rates across the country.

How are payments taken?

During or soon after our first call, when both parties are happy to work with each other, I will send you a GoCardless link. This sets up a Direct Debt until you decide you no longer need my service. This way we can both focus on the work at hand without financial distractions.

Is there a minimum commitment?

I ask for a 3-month commitment. This gives us 12 weeks to really get a foothold on training and nutrition and start to see epic changes.

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